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IBRD / GEF Project TF 028372-AR (2006-2007):  Baseline determination of Cultural, Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Copo National Park and Provincial Reserve . Biodiversity Conservation Project. National Parks Administration / IAM / Fundación Tiempos. Responsible parties (in alphabetical order): Carlos Angiorama, Constanza Taboada, Patricia Vuoto, Luis Vuoto.

“Determinación de Línea de Base del Patrimonio Cultural, Tangible e Intangible del Parque Nacional y Reserva Provincial Copo”

Proyecto de Conservación de la Biodiversidad.  Donación BIRF / GEF TF 028372-AR.

Administración de Parques Nacionales/ IAM/ Fundación Tiempos.

Noviembre-diciembre de 2006 y marzo-mayo de 2007.

Responsables (por orden alfabético): Carlos Angiorama, Constanza Taboada, Patricia Vuoto, Luis Vuoto

Participants: Emiliano Azcona, Ezequiel del Bel, Aldo Gerónimo, Diego Leiton, Carolina Rivet, Silvina Rodríguez Curletto.

The Institute of Archeology and Museum of the National University of Tucumán (IAM) was invited by the National Parks Administration to participate in a list of consulting firms for a selection of one of them for the realization of “Baseline determination of cultural heritage tangible and intangible of Copo National Park and Provincial Reserve”, Biodiversity Conservation project GEF TF-028372-AR. The Institute of Archeology and Museum of the National University of Tucumán was represented in the call by the team responsible for this consultancy and obtained it by selection of antecedents and the technical proposal. In November 2006, the contract was signed through the Tiempos Foundation, chaired by Lic. Carlos Aschero, in charge of managing the project.


The consultancy was aimed at providing information for the Baseline of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Copo National Park and the homonymous Provincial Reserve in accordance with the guidelines and methodologies established for the Management of Cultural Resources by the National Parks Administration.

Some of the proposed objectives were:

a) Survey existing bibliographic information on tangible cultural heritage (historical and pre-Hispanic).

b) Generate information on intangible aspects: valuation and identity appropriations by resident populations as basic information to develop actions on the three lines of action of cultural resource management: research, physical conservation and participatory public use.

c ) Compile regional information regarding the use and / or exploitation of tangible cultural property.

d) Produce archaeological and diagnostic information on the state of conservation of the assets as a basis for the future design of conservation and management strategies, based on the generation and exchange of knowledge and tools that include local knowledge.

f) Carry out the socio-cultural feasibility analysis of their recommendations in terms of the results obtained.

g) Make recommendations for the development of a management plan for the Conservation Unit.

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Proyectos y Actividades con las que Colaboramos

Our Projects and Activities

La Fundación colabora y/o auspicia con diversos proyectos (con o sin financiamiento externo), donde se realizan actividades relacionadas con nuestros objetivos, tales como relevamientos patrimoniales, realización muestras arqueológicas en museos de diverso tipo; visitas guiadas para delegaciones de alumnos; conferencias; dictado de talleres, edición de libros etc.

The Tiempos Foundation collaborates and/or sponsors a diversity of projects (with or without external funding), in which are carried out activities related with our main aims: heritage surveys; organisation of archaeological exhibitions in different museal venues; guided tours for student groups; conferences; workshops; book publishing; etc.