Ancestral Territories is a web page dedicated to the history of the local populations of the current Argentine Northwest, more precisely those that some 2000 years ago constituted with their knowledge and practices part of what would be the indigenous identity of the region. The content results from archaeological investigations that have been generated within the academic world, encouraged and supported by the State, both in universities and scientific institutions such as CONICET, as well as with the support of international cooperation institutions and organizations.

It is part of an innovative initiative, which involved various stages and forms of consultation, dialogue and feedback. Initially, a professional workshop to present and discuss the most recent research advances on the first settlements of the Argentine Northwest (Tafí del Valle, Tucumán, year 2012). From that meeting, arose the Editorial Committee that would publish the academic book on archeology ( ). In a subsequent stage, organized as the Con/Textos Editorial Team, we consulted with experts in scientific dissemination and with representatives of some rural and indigenous communities in the Northwest in order to develop two products: a book not yet published and its corresponding website ( ). Both synthesize and adapt the contents of the academic book, maintaining scientific rigor, but communicating the contents with a non-academic language, which provides clarity of presentation to facilitate its use as reference material for the general public. In this way, we were incorporating diverse opinions and considering a wide variety of educational and communicational needs and contexts.