Dear partners and friends of the Fundación Tiempos:

We are proud to tell you that at the end of 2018 we have acquired a 1957 Estanciera model, with original Continental engine and original Willys 4 × 4 (it is one of 17 that were made like this!).

Perhaps because it is the first rural manufactured in the country, this collector’s item fills us with nostalgia every time we hear its engine roar and we see it roll smoothly over any terrain.

With it we want to carry out a tourist-cultural project, which we have called Estanciera Experience.

The Estanciera Experience will offer us the exclusivity of living a novel trip in a vehicle from another era. To this possibility of traveling through time in a vehicle with unique characteristics, we want to add the experience of discovering or re-discovering places of scenic and cultural interest in our province.

However, to start the project we need the collaboration of those who can and want to help us. We have invested all our genuine funds in buying the Estanciera and we do not have enough funds to prepare it according to the road safety requirements demanded by both the Province and the insurers, so that the trips with curious visitors become a reality. We do not want this small part of the heritage to be left standing in the garage of the friendly neighbor who takes care of it. She needs to go out and walk the streets of Tucumán.

For this reason, and to raise the necessary funds, we are distributing stickers about the project. We look forward to your cooperation. Thus, soon we will be able to enjoy this beautiful Estanciera Experience.

Thanks since now!

Photos are by the photographer Gustavo Díaz Spólita who also accompanied us to bring it from San Rafael, Mendoza, where we bought it.